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A Spirit Hustler

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What is A Spirit Hustler?

A sexy, hepped-up, booze-slingin’ ensemble that serves Prohibition swing with a modern mindset. Not your typical swing band for sure—more like the swing gang that mugged the traditional swing band on the way into the gig!

Who is A Spirit Hustler?

Miss Ashley Kepler – stunning singer, striking stage stalker, soulful star sista.

Jimmy Leslie  – “freehand” guitarist, freak vocalist, some type of writer.

James Whiton – acoustic/electric bass wizard of fingers and bow.

Jeremy Hoenig – rhythmic alchemist, sonic foundationalist, time bender.

Where did A Spirit Hustler come from?

California’s San Francisco Bay / Lake Tahoe connection produced A Spirit Hustler on the stages of the Guitarfish Music Festival and in the garage at Camp Longo in Brisbane.

When did A Spirit Hustler come to be?

It happened during the thin line between summer, fall, and winter of 2012.

How did A Spirit Hustler come to be?

Tahoe’s finest young singer, Ashley Kepler, sat in with Jimmy Leslie (Guitar Player, Guitarfish, Honey Island Swamp Band) at the Guitarfish Music Festival, and the skies opened! It was magic. Dreams merged. They shared musical and stylistic visions. An extraordinary upright bassist was essential. James Whiton (Eric McFadden Trio) answered the call. Jeremy Hoenig (Smokedaddies) was busy, but simply couldn’t help himself.

Why is A Spirit Hustler happening right now?

The Great Spirit made it so….





Dancing With the Devil

California Hustle

Prohibition Swing

Ice Thin Live