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Ashley Kepler is a soulful and captivating vocalist, writer, recording artist, and stage performer. Her recent work includes co-founding A Spirit Hustler, an original prohibition-style swing band hailing from San Francisco. They have performed the circuit of music festivals, including High Sierra and Guitarfish Festival, as well as playing prestigious venues, such as Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco.

Ashley is featured on the album of 13 Kings, in which she wrote the song: Above A Sea Of Molten Dreams. You can download her most recent song here: She has also recorded with the incredible Los Angeles based electro-house duo, Kalm Kaoz. You can download the modern Judy Garland remix, Get Happy, featuring Ashley’s voice at:

In addition to writing and recording, you can find Ashley singing, dancing, and acting in Burlesque shows, such as Pretty Little Things (BLV Productions) and Allure (Champagne Productions).

Ashley Kepler is a brilliant and luminous musical performer. She will entice you with her vibrant sound, enchanting moves, and beautiful expressions of music. She will catch your eye, engage your ears, and then capture your heart forever.